Pharmaclinix Lightenex Bright 50 mL

A cream to lighten skin and get rid of pigmentation
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Pharmaclinix Lightenex Bright 50ml

A lightening cream, suitable for sensitive skin. contains a unique blend of whitening agents, reducing pigmentation. It contains, helps fade sunspots, age spots, acne scars, and melasma.
Niacinamide lightens and improves skin, and salicylic acid improves the penetration of active agents and removes pigmentation.

• Superficial hyperpigmentation and melasma.
• Excellent for teenagers.

How to use:
• Wash the area to be treated.
• Apply the cream onto the skin until fully absorbed.
• After 10 minutes, Apply Sun Block.
• Use twice daily.

All Ingredients:
Beta Arbutin , Niacinamide.

How To Storage :
room temperature.

Points of interest:
• Avoid eye area.
• Keep out reach of children.

Made In:
United Kingdom.