Perlamar Ocean Line Moisturizing Balm 30Ml

A light anti-aging balm
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Perlamar Ocean Line Moisturizing Balm - 30 ml

• The light anti-aging cream has been designed to satisfy the specific needs of dry men's skin.
• It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.
• This face cream for men is formulated with deep seawater and blue algae extract to hydrate the skin for a fresh and healthy-looking complexion.
• Additionally, the moisturizer is jam-packed with vital minerals and trace elements to nourish and remineralize the skin down to its deepest layers.
• Hyaluronic acid helps to smooth fine lines caused by dryness and provides a long-lasting anti-wrinkle effect.
• The quick-absorbing and non-greasy anti-aging cream for men is easy to apply and doesn’t leave a sticky film – for a strengthened, refreshed, and younger-looking complexion.

• Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
• Reduces lines and wrinkles.
• Compensate the skin of lost water.
• Light on the skin.
• Fast absorbing.

How To Use:
• Use morning and evening and after shaving.

All Ingredients:
Caviar Marine extract , Deep sea water , Blue alga , hyaluronic acid , panthenol.

How To Storage :
room temperature.

Points Of Interest:
• For dry men's skin.
• Thanks to the soothing properties of panthenol, the anti-aging cream doubles as a moisturizing post-shave lotion.

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